Muldoon Drink Recipes

The Short

Muldoon was originally thought to be a short drink; enjoyed with food perhaps in place of pudding or as the final course. With an evening of warm memories in the bag Muldoon provides a perfect full stop to a great night. A golden shot sipped slowly or knocked back quickly; the choice is yours. We prefer the latter making the pleasure linger a moment longer.

The Long

Then it was discovered that Muldoon could easily make friends with a mixer or two, creating a longer but equally indulgent drink. Coca Cola or Ginger Ale are the ideal pairings along with a generous slice of lime, elevating the short into a tall and elegant satisfying thirst quencher to be enjoyed on any occasion all year round.

The Warm

Is there no end to Muldoon’s charms? Pour hot water onto a shot of Muldoon and you have an instant hot whiskey without having to add any sugar. Hug a mug of Muldoon as a cold weather pick me up, a night time treat or a warm winter companion. And it doesn’t stop there. Try a shot in a coffee. For an Irish coffee with a glorious twist, the Muldoon magic works every time. But hide the bottle, we guarantee there will be a cry for MORE!